Refuel for Recon Jet

Posted by tysonmiller on September 16, 2014

Refuel is the first smart nutrition app and it’s available on Recon Jet.


Simply put: Refuel advises cyclists and runners as to when and what to eat and drink to maximize performance.

The Refuel app on Jet achieves this by sending the athlete notifications when to eat and drink during an activity to ensure maximum sustainability. Refuel also gives a breakdown of macronutrients to eat and drink immediately following, reducing inflammation and speeding recovery.

Refuel also has the option to manually set hydration and fuel notifications if your coach or nutritionist has specific recommendations for you.

All calculations are based on Brendan Brazier’s widely used sport nutrition guidelines.

How It Works



There are 3 key features to the Refuel app on Jet:


1. Automatic eat and drink notifications (during activity)

2. Manual eat and drink notifications (during activity)

3. Post-activity recovery suggestions


Automatic Notification Calculations


Refuel factors in age, gender, weight, height, activity type, and heart rate to automatically calculate when to display eat and drink notifications during a cycling or running activity.


Manual Notifications


Because so many athletes are given specific intake instructions from coaches, Refuel also provides the ability to manually set the intervals for eat and drink notifications.


Post-activity recovery suggestions


Recovery calculations are based on your output and how many calories you burned during your activity. Refuel on Jet will tell you how much fluid to drink and how many carbohydrates and protein to eat for optimized recovery.

You should refuel within 30 minutes of completing your activity.


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